Franklin Goose

This week should be interesting. Today I am expecting my first order of free loot from Franklin Goose, and I will post pics when I get it! I ordered 2 size 1 Thirsties Duo Wraps and 1 small Thirsties cover for our yet-to-be-conceived baby (I can't help myself with building a future stash!) and 2 Plan Toys for my son's birthday in August.

Tomorrow I start my part-time afternoon job and will only have mornings, evenings and Sundays off. Then in June I start school full-time.

Does anyone here practice the Fertility Awareness Method?
It is where you check your temperature first thing in the morning and chart it out to find when you ovulate and are fertile. We are using this method right now to avoid pregnancy, but I know a lot of people have luck with conceiving this way. It is working great and it is interesting to know more about my cycle. I can now predict when I am going to ovulate and when I am going to get my period. I did not have much success with birth control pills so after having Ethan I knew I needed to try another way, without hormones to disrupt breastfeeding. Not to mention the hormones drove me quite crazy.
If you are interested, invest in a BBT thermometer and check out Fertility Friend.

OK it's tiny, but you get the point. LOL. The crosshairs is where I ovulated. As you can see, the temperatures before I ovulated were quite a bit lower than after.
I am actually about to go take an OPK right now to see if what I'm feeling today are ovulation pains.