[thoughts on vaginal birth...]

Just wondering out loud here...
Why is there so much emphasis on vaginal birth?
Why are VBACs so lauded?
I can only see one reason: you feel like you weren't "in control" of your c-section and you want to take that control back.
Am I right? And not only are you supposed to desire a VBAC instead of a repeat cesarean, but it better damn well be unmedicated.
Epidurals are not shown to be harmful to the baby. They relieve you of your excruciating pain.
You can still get up and feel back to normal after pushing your baby out, you just have to wait a couple of hours for the numbness to wear off. It isn't like you will be doing much walking around after having an unmedicated birth, anyways. I know all I wanted to do after having my kids was lay in one place, maybe eat a little, nap a little, and nurse them. None of that required getting up.
I often hear that the recovery is easier for a vaginal birth. I was up and moving around normally less than a day after my c-sections. I felt great, my incision wasn't even very sore but I did have pretty bad gas pains. I hardly bled at all after having my daughter.
I hear from a lot of friends that they tore really badly or have pelvic pain months after their vaginal births. It doesn't exactly seem like a walk in the park.

Yes, it would have been nice to have my babies placed immediately on my chest.
It would have been great for my husband to have cut the cord. I did want those things, but it wasn't the end of the world that I didn't get them. They just weren't that important in the scheme of things. I don't know if I just take things in stride more than others or if I just don't "get it".


  1. i think it's a completely personal decision that is no one else's business. as long as a mama knows the risks and benefits, i don't see why anyone else's two cents matter. personally, i like the experience of an unmedicated birth but i know plenty of moms who have beautiful births with epidurals. and there are risks, i think more to mom than baby, but they are there. my own mom had a scary experience with an epidural which is why she chose to give birth without one with her last baby. i have friends who have permanent side-effects from their epidurals, and it's true that they are not life-threatening but like i said, i think it's important a mom is well-informed. but yes, complications with epidurals are rare, and thank god they exist. i also have a friend who was beyond exhausted with 9 hours of intense labor with contractions right on top of one another, and once she got an epidural she gave birth within the hour and was relieved to get a break!

  2. thank god the *epidurals* exist, not the complications, lol..

  3. I've done it both ways, and if I ever have another baby (which I won't), I doubt that I will even try for a VBAC. It is so much easier (I know labor and birth aren't supposed to be easy) to just lay there and let everyone else do the work. And after laboring for 21 hours with my daughter and 11 hours with my son with no epidural, that thing that I said I would never get instantly became my favorite thing in the world at that moment. Plus with a c-section, you can start having sex again much, much sooner =)

  4. I totally planned on having a VBAC because I thought I missed out with my son's birth. I've never even labored before. Honestly though, I don't feel like I've missed out. A part of me wonders what it feels like but then I'm like "oh yeah, it's painful. F that." LOL. Didn't you plan a birth center birth with your son? I remember seeing those lovely photos...

  5. This is such a personal decision and really no one should be in anyone else's business about it... BUT since you asked, I've had everything from a homebirth to a hospital medicated vaginal delivery to a c-section, and I can tell you that there is not even a comparison between them as far as recovery time. After delivering unmedicated, I was literally up and digging through my laundry basket trying to find something 20 minutes after my son was born (until the midwife fussed at me). I was up and walking the morning after my c-section, but every time I got up from a laying or sitting position, it hurt like hell. Worst of all, I couldn't pick up my toddler who needed lots of snuggles after becoming a big brother. I went shopping, by myself, the day after my vaginal birth... not only could I not drive, but the doctor wouldn't even let me leave the hospital the day after my c-section. For weeks afterwards, I couldn't do things that I wanted to do, or needed to do to help out with my family. I am normally a very active person and I HATE feeling like I can't take care of myself or be independent. If I were to have another birth (which I won't) I would absolutely, without a doubt try to have a VBAC.