Fitteds are what I think of as the "fancy" diapers of the cloth diapering market.
They tend to be made of the highest quality materials and have the cutest prints.
This is why they are so sought after.

I love fitteds for the reasons above. I love that they are highly absorbent and super easy to use.
I especially love that they are so adorable.

I know a lot of people don't "get" fitteds, since you do usually cover them up.
That is one of the drawbacks to them. They also tend to be on the more expensive side, so if you are cloth diapering to save money, using them isn't going to be your best option.

One of my favorite brands of fitteds is Bumstoppers.

This is a One Size fitted from Bumstoppers. I love how vibrant this print is.
When I got this sucker in the mail all I could do is press it up to my cheek and relish in the sweet, decadent squishiness.

Rowan is wearing her Bumstoppers on the middle snap setting. She is about 16.8 lbs in this picture.

Working with Becky is wonderful. She frequently does custom orders and is so helpful in ensuring you get exactly what you're looking for.
(P.S. for all you AI2 lovers - she makes those too!)

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