[rainy day crafts]

It actually rained last weekend!
As exciting as it was to finally get some relief from the constant heat and dryness, I started to get a little cabin fever.

So spur of the moment I decided to use some velour yardage I had been hoarding to make a baby blanket for Rowan.
I had just picked up a huge box full of fabric scraps a couple of days before from the free section of craigslist and was itching to use some of them.

Situated everything... this was a very rough draft, obviously.

And the finished product with my handsome model.

I think it came out pretty cute! Ethan likes it. Rowan doesn't have an opinion of course, because she's only 4 months old.
What do you think?


  1. oh it's SO CUTE!! i love it! i am so stupid with the sewing machine, as simple as this is i would not be able to sew these on straight. LOL. i can only sew a straight line. :) it's adorable!

  2. thanks!
    and I disagree, those dresses were really cute!