Day 1: Thirsties Prewash & Superwash

After finishing up the Charlie's Soap a couple of days ago I was more than ready to try out the Thirsties Prewash and Superwash. I have heard some good things about these products!

Did my initial pre"wash" with the, er, Prewash:

There are some suds as you can see.

Then I did my hot wash with the Superwash. I don't have any pictures of this because the Natural Parenting meeting was starting and I was trying to rush.

Did my extra rinse after and after forgetting about the laundry in the wash (oops!) I transferred the diapers to the dryer.

When I got home I took them out and I was so relieved! No stink! At all.
The diapers smelled like nothing at all! This is the goal here!
So after 1 day of Thirsties I can say that it is my favorite so far. Stay tuned to see if it will keep the diapers stink free!

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  1. hmmm.. sounds like i need to switch my detergent. i can't wait to hear more about thirsties!