Last days of Country Save

It's been a busy week! I meant to write a post a couple of days ago when I finished up the Country Save.

I did my last two diaper loads of Country Save.
Used 2 scoops the first time, didn't have time for an extra extra rinse.
They came out of the dryer with a hint of slight stink.

Used 2 1/2 scoops the last time. I just went ahead and used up the last of the sample I had.
This time I did at least 2 extra rinses after my hot wash/cold rinse.
I think it's important to note here that the diapers always stink when I take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer. Always. However, they only stank once when I took them out of the dryer. Very odd to me.
The last time I did a wash they came out of the dryer stink-free.

(Excuse my middle school "embellishments" there, lol)

On the couple of loads of regular clothes I did, Country Save worked fine.
I even washed my dirty rags from work with it.
It didn't get them super duper clean but it got them clean enough.

On Ethan's diapers I think it did okay.
I don't think it worked any better or worse than most of the detergents I've tried.
I didn't like the stink issues coming out of the washer, and I did find suds pretty often.
So if you are okay with doing several rinses, you will like this detergent.
DIAPERS - 2.5/5

  • You can use it on everything (clothes, diapers)
  • Fairly inexpensive for "safe" detergent
  • Unscented for those with sensitive skin
  • Does a moderately well job of getting stains out
  • Lots of suds, so possible buildup issues over time. Of course I may have been using too much but I didn't want to risk not using enough.
  • Have to run a lot of rinse cycles
  • Doesn't come in different scents for those that like that
  • Not widely available (have to purchase online, or possibly a health food/cloth diaper store near you if they carry it)
  • Not made specifically for cloth diapers (again, this is preference. I just mean that it wasn't formulated with washing diapers in mind, not that it can't be used or promoted as such.)
All in all I don't think I will be using Country Save again.
If it ends up being my only or most viable option I will consider it though, and I wouldn't hesitate to use it on my regular clothes.

Coming up next: Thirsties Prewash/Superwash!

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