Detergent testing!

So I am helping out my friend Brooke from Eden's Baby and testing out some different detergents on our cloth diapers.
I have decided to take it a step further though and review a couple of other detergents.
We normally use Rockin' Green's Classic Rock (even though we did use Hard Rock for a few loads) since it is local and I don't have to pay shipping for it.
I am going to be testing the following detergents:
  • Country Save
  • Charlie's Soap
  • Thirsties Prewash and Superwash
  • Rockin' Green Hard Rock
  • Tide (maybe!)
Yesterday I washed about 12 diapers with Country Save. I will be consistently using each detergent until I run out of the samples I have.
My usual routine is wash every 2 days, and I usually have up to 20 diapers to wash, not including inserts and wipes.
I set my machine to heavy and use the extra large or large setting.
Then I:
  • Rinse in cold
  • Hot wash/Cold Rinse with 2 Tbsp (or scoops) of powdered detergent
  • Either rinse in cold or do an extra wash/rinse. Usually I only do the extra rinse.

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