[another crafty day]

I felt inspired to fix one of Rowan's wool soakers today.
I bought it for $10 and when I got it realized it was stretched out BIG time.
Here is a comparison of a normal sized s/m Luxe soaker and this super stretched one.

And here is what it looked like before altering it to fit Rowan:

The leg holes were humongous and would probably never have fit her properly.

Here it is after:

Fits her great in the legs so no worries about leaks.

And the bum!

Elephant applique made with upcycled wool sweater.

I also made a cute wool soaker with the same sweater earlier this week.
I actually made a pair of pants too but I don't have a pic of those yet.

This one is nothing special but it does the job!
I spent maybe $4 for the sweater a year ago and got a soaker, a pair of pants and probably enough left to make a smaller soaker to possibly sell. The Luxe cover cost me $10. So I paid $14 for 2+ soakers and a pair of pants. Not too shabby!


  1. Did you use a pattern for the soakers/pants that you made? I have some wool sweaters and a decent sewing ability but I haven't tried it yet.

  2. The pants were all made freehand with very lucky guesses as for measurements and for the soakers I started out with the Katrina pattern but modified it quite a bit.
    hope that helps!