[taking it easy]

It's pretty easy going over here these days.
Watching my baby girl is more of a relaxed, joyful process than it was with my son.
When Ethan was 3 1/2 months old I got excited to try and feed him rice cereal.
Yeah, disastrous idea. He had no interest whatsoever in eating it, and didn't even take much pride in playing with it.
Now Rowan will be 6 months old in less than a week and this week I have started giving her tastes of foods from my plate.
I really wanted to try baby led weaning this time around, not to up my crunch factor but because I am really, really lazy at heart. I have no desire to make her separate meals and go through the whole baby food making process. (Though this could change at any time and I will be eating my words. LOL.)
So the other night we had tacos and I put some of the avocado in a little bowl and pumped a tiny bit of milk to mix in it to make it a little easier on her. My first attempt was just giving her straight smooshed avocado but I think it was a little too thick because she gagged on it and got frustrated. Oops!

By the way, this little girl? She will not let me feed her. She has to hold the spoon herself or she gets pissed, quick. I really need to invest in a mesh feeder for her.

I am kind of trying to be casual about this food business. She still nurses, a lot. She is by no means having meals yet. Some days I am not giving her any solids at all. She doesn't seem bothered by it.

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  1. Sounds like a little girl! She KNOWS what's she wants