Flats Challenge Day 2

So the Nighttime Flat worked out well! She is in bed now with Nighttime Flat #2 so hopefully we will get the same results!

Today I handwashed for the first time in almost 4 years.
When I first started cloth diapering I had one bumGenius, one Imse Vimse cover and a handful of Gerber flats that were given to me at my baby shower to use as burp cloths.
I loved CDing so much in those initial days that I handwashed the flats (and BG) and hung them to dry on the shower rack in our bathroom. My son was only 3 months old and my husband and I were staying with his parents while we got on our feet. Their washer was broken but that didn't sway me from using our cloth.

This time I used laundry detergent instead of Aveeno baby wash (stop laughing) and I threw them all in a hot water filled bathtub instead of the bathroom sink.
My first thought: "This is really hot!" as I burned the crap out of my feet stepping on the diapers to agitate them.
Once I got to rinsing each individual flat (and I had 7) I realized how time consuming handwashing diapers is. There is no way I would want to wash any more than a day's worth. It would take me damn near an hour to do so. Washing every day wouldn't be ideal either, though.

They're so pretty on the line! After a few hours out there they were dry and almost stain free. I beat them a little to soften them up (though it was windy out so that did most of the work for me) and folded them. Ready for another day!

I'm hoping there won't be any rash issues due to the wonky handwashing.

I've still been using the same 2 wool covers these last 2 days, though we did have an incident with one and I had to wash it. It's currently outside drying and will hopefully be ready to use again tomorrow.
I am still liking using flats. It is actually making me reconsider my diverse and plentiful stash of fitteds, pockets (especially the pockets, what a PITA) and all in ones. :/

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