Flats Challenge Days 3 & 4

Okay, I'm loving flats.

What I'm really loving is how little laundry I end up with.
No stuffing pockets, no waiting forever for fitteds to dry in the dryer.
For the past 2 days I haven't even had any PUL covers to wash.
I've used my 2 wool soakers during the day and my wool longies for night.
Even when we have a poopsplosion I can get the cover washed and dried outside in only a couple of hours.
This is really do-able!

Rowan thinks Orange Crab needs to help wash her flats.

What I dislike: handwashing. I LOVE hanging the flats out to dry on the line.
LOVE it.
Bending over the tub, hands tired from smashing and ringing, my back tired from being hunched over, I do NOT like. I can't even imagine how effin long it would take to do 2 days worth.

Ethan helps unplug the drain so we can rinse.

Going out in public with my pins and flats has also proven to be easy.
This is me at Target yesterday:
Get out of car. "Oh crap, Rowan is wet." Grab the flat in my front seat.
Make way to bathroom.
Change Rowan on the little changer thingy. She is surprisingly still for me, even for the pins.
Take wet flat out of bathroom and grab a disposable Target bag (I forgot my wetbag at home).

I have to say how much I am loving pinning too.
I really do not have much love for the snappi when it comes to pinning.
(I do like snappis with prefolds though.)

I also love how brilliantly cheap this has been for me.
I could have easily gotten away with no PUL covers and just stuck with my recycled wool.
It is easy to find $.50 and $1 nice cashmere and merino sweaters at thrift stores here.
One sweater yields at least 2 covers, usually. I could easily have spent a DOLLAR to cloth diaper my daughter in her current size.
Receiving blankets are super easy to find for free if you are not like the majority of women who get a million for their baby shower.
Pretty crazy to think about.

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  1. I have found that my snappis dont like receiving blankets. They just wont secure.