Flats Challenge Day 1

So this was my first day of using flats all day.

Her first diaper change was an epic fail. I was feeling lazy (who isn't when they wake up at 7 am?) and just did a padfold in the Thirsties cover.
This resulted in a massive poosplosion that got all over the cover of course, so I only got one use out of it.

After that I decided to try an angel wing fold which was a little better, but my snappi completely sucked at grabbing the flannel blanket I was using as a diaper. The next diaper change I pulled down the wool soaker to see the snappi haphazardly grabbing the wool and the diaper, narrowly missing Rowan's skin. Poor baby.

Not wanting to give up on this fold I tried instead to use pins. I love pins!

And did I mention I am really liking the simplicity of using flats? I managed to only use flannel receiving blankets as flats all day, never dipping into my "actual flats" stash. I love how much less fuss there was.
With the angel wing fold, seen above, we managed to contain another poo (the diaper held together beautifully with the pins) and the blankets themselves are pretty absorbent.
I found I was changing every 1 1/2-2 hours today.

Here is my new set up. I didn't want to have to handwash a wetbag, though I'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard so I might resort to that later in the week. On the left is my diaper pail, which I normally put a liner in and throw diapers in next to the toilet after spraying. On the right is my grocery bag full of dirty flats.
I would use a bucket to store the dirties in instead of a bag but I don't have a spare.

Nighttime should be interesting. Rowan is not a particularly heavy wetter so I'm thinking she should do fine overnight. Here is what she is wearing to bed:

Angel wing folded receiving blanket with a crappy Gerber flat padfolded and wedged between the layers for extra absorbency. She is wearing recycled wool longies as a cover/pants.
All in all we used about 7 flats (flannel receiving blankets), 1 Thirsties duo cover, 1 snappi (fail), 1 recycled wool soaker (used all day after the poop incident), one pair of longies to bed, and 1 pair of pins.

Stay tuned tomorrow for day 2, washing day (I am probably going to be washing every day so I don't run out) and to see how the flat held up to nighttime use.

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  1. I love my pins for flats too! I had the same experience trying to use the snappi with my flannel receiving blankets. Major fail. Honestly, I just love my pins more. Better fit, and I don't really find them any harder or more "dangerous" than the snappi. ~Melissa